Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Jess F.

I have visited countless of jiujitsu academy's in the east coast, Mike Padilla is the best black belt in the area. Very versatile and attentive, just one class with him will convince you that he is the real deal; no gimmicksz.:)

Jess F.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Evan R.

I met Professor Padilla at a seminar awhile back and was amazed at how skillful and how well he communicated his teachings to others. I've watched him compete on many occasions and believe me, he not only talks the talk but walks the walk in the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. He's a great professor, mentor, coach, and family man who's truly committed to each and I would recommend Paddilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to anyone in the Lehigh Valley area looking to start their Jiu-Jitsu Journey.

Evan R.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Chris K.

Excellent instruction and atmosphere for any type of roller!

Chris K.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ryan B.

Everyone at Padilla BJJ was super welcoming. Professor Padilla is top notch and an amazing instructor.

Ryan B.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Isaac R.

The best Jiu-jitsu in Allentown hands down.

Isaac R.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pete S.

Great new location with the same world-class instruction. Come by and check out the best school in the Allentown area.

Pete S.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu John P.

Great gym, fun and competitive atmosphere.

John P.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Michael E.

I've known Mike for over 15 years and I couldn't be more proud of what he's achieved in that time. I've always known Padilla to be an exceptional athlete, who could excell in ANY sport. I've watched Mike overcome all kinds of adversity, and he always bounces back with more intensity and determination to overcome any obstacle in his way. Years ago.. Mike could have easily gone down the wrong path, but he kept his head in the game, and his feet on the mat and is now one of the top BJJ instructors out there. With a wealth of experience, a killer work-ethic, dogged determination, and a great sense of humor...what more could you want in an instructor?

Michael E.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Joe M.

I met Prof Padilla when he was training with us while on vacation several times in Florida. Thought so much of his jiu-jitsu that when we wanted to have our first seminar in 2015 he was at the top of the list and gave a phenomenal Gi and Nogi seminar. Everybody was impressed and he was offered to train throughout the week at several other schools. I also made it a point to take the hour drive with my daughter when we were in PA to train with him @ Renzo Gracie, PA. Excellent instructor, cannot recommend training with him enough. Good luck Michael Padilla with your new school and students.

Joe M.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Dan J.

Mike and I have been training together since he first started BJJ almost a decade ago. We've had many battles on the mat (mostly won by him) and shed blood and sweat together. Many people have come and gone through RGPA but Mike has been a constant driving force in the academy. He will bring this same level of determination if not more to Padilla BJJ. He is a master of the fundamentals as well as the advanced BJJ techniques. A focused Mike Padilla is a scary opponent and has submitted some of the whos who in the BJJ world. He is also a very solid wrestler and experienced fighter. His record speaks for itself and I guarantee top-level instruction for the novice to advanced BJJ player.

Dan J.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Zach M.

I know Mike circa 2005 and during one training session he blew my mind and showed me the level of training that was out there and ever since then I have been honored to call a friend, training partner and mentor. As someone who has been in the martial business for over 16 years as a competitor and now a business owner in the field I can tell you that there is no better way to be introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu then Mike Padilla.

Zach M.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Abu S.

Mike is one of the coolest guys you'll meet. Everyone who does Jiujitsu knows him. He is very talented in this sport and the classes are always fun we learn new things every day. Mike see everything he'll point out what you are doing wrong and show you the right way of doing things, you'll improve your game really quick.

Abu S.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Nicholas M.

Being a fellow gym owner in the area and father of a pro grappler, there are only a handful of select facilities and instructors I would look to and trust to help take my son's game to the next level. This is one of them!

Nicholas M.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Andrew A.

Mike is a phenomenal instructor and competitor who is schooled in both classic Gracie jiu jitsu as well as modern jiu jitsu techniques. Mike is the real deal and a Black Belt under Renzo Gracie/Rich Latta. Whether your goals are self-defense, competition or general health and fitness Padilla BJJ is where you want to be.

Andrew A.

Padilla Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Eugene H.

Professor Mike Padilla is full of knowledge and wisdom, on and off the mats. I am honored and fortunate to have had an opportunity to learn under his guidance. Hands down he is one of the best in the business.

Eugene H.

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